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How soon will my membership become effective?

Members who join can choose either a 1st or a 15th effective date. Members who enroll by the 25th can be effective as early as the 1st. For an effective date of the 15th, members must enroll by the 9th.

How do I access my online membership benefits?

If your membership is current, you can access your online benefits through the 'MEMBER LOGIN' section of the website. Once you login, click on the benefit you wish to access (InteractiveMD, Rx Assistance, Entertainment etc.), that will be listed on your member page.

How difficult is it to make changes/updates to my plan?

Call Member Services at (800) 428-1989.

How do I add Family members to my membership?

To add family members to an existing membership, contact Member Services at (800) 428-1989. You can also email or fax your request to 888-502-3608, and a representative will follow up with you by phone to confirm accuracy.

When can I expect to receive my membership information/materials?

If you do not receive your membership materials on or before your effective start date, please contact Member Services via email at: membership@scriptsplus.com, or call (800) 428-1989.

How do I access my membership account and view my benefits?

Scroll to the top of the page and click on the Member Login. Enter your user name and password which is located on your membership card and is also in the welcome email if you gave us your email address. THEN CLICK ON THE DESIRED BENEFIT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WHAT YOUR MEMBERSHIP HAS TO OFFER.

What is Scripts Plus’ cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time by mail, email, fax, or by simply calling Member Services at (800) 428-1989. Refunds for cancelled memberships can take up to 30 days. Please see Terms & Conditions for “Cancellation Deadlines.”

Where do I locate my membership ID number?

The Scripts Plus membership ID number appears on the Script Plus membership card.

What are the benefits of membership?

A list of membership benefits is available in the MY BENEFITS area of the Scripts Plus website and is also located in the Membership Handbook.

What are my payment options?

You may pay either by American Express, MasterCard, or VISA. You may also make a payment by using your checking or savings account.

Are you paying too much for your prescriptions?

Allow one of our dedicated Rx Assistance Advocates to research ways to reduce - or potentially eliminate* - your prescription costs.
(*based on income eligibility)